Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Spotlight on Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Estée Lauder is probably the first beauty brand I ever came across. My mum has been a huge fan since before I was born so I grew up with receiving her cast offs and hand-me-down products - I still have one of the eye shadow palettes she gave me when I was about 11 (I dread to think of how much bacteria that must be crawling in!). 
Skincare wise I always thought Estée Lauder was aimed towards more mature skin so I never really considering trying it until one evening about 18 months ago I stole a little of my Mums Advanced Night Repair serum. This was the start of a long and happy relationship with ANR serum.

I don't know exactly what it is about this serum but it manages transforms my uneven, dull and lifeless skin into smooth and glowing skin over night. The packaging includes a little pipet which makes distributing the correct amount of product very easy and fuss free. The consistency is quite gel like and so nice and cooling to apply to your skin and feels so hydrating without being oily or heavy. I do on occasion skip moisturiser after using this as sometimes it feels unnecessary. I have tried other serums and oils since using this such as the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and the YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum but neither of them gave me the same effects as Advanced Night Repair so I have always come back to this.

Then a new member of the family was introduced, the Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum. It just seemed logical that as my skin loves the normal ANR serum that I needed the eye serum in my life as well, and I was right. I would describe the consistency as a very light cream rather than a serum but you are supposed to follow up with an eye cream. It's only really been in the past 6 months or so where I've been more conscious about taking care of my eye area, mainly as a preventative for when I do start showing signs of ageing. I really have noticed a difference in the way makeup sits around my eye area, under eye concealer especially just applies much more smoothly and doesn't settle into any dry or uneven patches. When I bought the ANR Eye Serum I also received a miniature eye cream as well which I have been using after applying the serum which has the same cooling and hydrating feeling as the face serum which feels even more delightful around the eye area.

I cant sing high enough praises for the Advanced Night Repair range and what it does for my skin. I guess the only down side to it is the price but for me I really don't mind investing in good skincare, especially if it's products I know work well for me and I really enjoy using. I just hope taking care of my skin now whilst I'm in my 20s does make a difference in 10/20/30 years time!

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Laura x

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